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September 23, 2019
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Chief Administrative Officers Committee
  Chief Information Officers Committee
  Geographic Information Systems Committee
COG Board of Directors
  9-1-1 Telecommunications Network Response Steering Group
  Incident Management and Response Committee (IMR)
  National Capital Region Emergency Preparedness Council
Joint WMATA Governance Review Task Force
Metro Funding Panel
MSWG COG Board Policy Working Group
Multi-Sector Working Group
  Energy/Environment Subgroup
  Land Use Subgroup
  MSWG Consultant Selection Committee
  Transportation Subgroup
Cooperative Purchasing
Chief Purchasing Officers Committee
Doing Business with COG
Special Event
Climate, Energy and Environment Policy Committee
  Building Resilience in the NCR - Documents
  Climate & Energy Outreach Coordination Workgroup Air Quality
  Greenhouse Gas Emission Workgroup Air Quality
  Electric Vehicle Planning Initiative Energy
  Street Lights Working Group Energy
  Climate Change Steering Committee Archive
Clean Air Partners Air Quality
Metropolitan Washington Air Quality Committee Air Quality
  Air and Climate Public Advisory Committee (ACPAC) Air Quality
  MWAQC Attainment Modeling Subcommittee Air Quality
  MWAQC Executive Committee Air Quality
  MWAQC Technical Advisory Committee Air Quality
  TAC Workgroups Air Quality
Aviation Policy Committee Airport Noise
Metropolitan Washington Joint Helicopter Advisory Group Airport Noise
Built Environment - Energy Advisory Committee (BE-EAC) Energy
  EERE Benefits Protocol Workgroup Energy
  Energy Financing Task Force Energy
  Integrated Energy Planning Task Force Energy
Community Forestry Network Committee Forestry
  Regional Tree Canopy Workgroup Forestry
Intergovernmental Green Building Group (IGBG) Green Building
Green Infrastructure Forums Green Infrastructure
Organics Task Force Recycling & Solid Waste
Recycling Committee Recycling & Solid Waste
Solid Waste Managers Group Recycling & Solid Waste
Blue Plains Regional Committee Water
  Other Blue Plains Committees Water
  Blue Plains IMA-RC Water
  Blue Plains Technical Subcommittee Water
Chesapeake Bay and Water Resources Policy Committee Water
District of Columbia TMDL Coordination Workgroup Water
RESF 3 Water Group Water
Trash Free Potomac Student Action Committee Water
Water Resources Technical Committee Water
  Regional Water Quality Monitoring Workgroup Water
Water Supply Task Force Water
Health & Human Services
Wednesday's Child Family Issues
Health and Medical Technology Committee Public Health
Health Officials Committee Public Health
  H&MRPWG/R-ESF-8 Human Services
  Public Health Emergency Planners Subcommittee Public Health
Health PIO Committee Public Health
Substance Abuse & Mental Health Committee Public Health
Homeland Security & Public Safety
Human Services and Public Safety Policy Committee
  Animal Services Committee Public Safety
  Corrections Chiefs Committee Public Safety
  Corrections Health Care Committee Public Safety
  Emergency Managers Committee Public Safety
  Fire Chiefs Committee Public Safety
  Hazardous Materials Subcommittee Public Safety
  Police Chiefs Committee Public Safety
  Police Training Subcommittee Public Safety
  Public Safety Chaplains Public Safety
  Senior Fire Operations Committee Public Safety
NCR Senior Policy Group (SPG) Homeland Security
  CAO Homeland Security Executive Committee Homeland Security
  NCR Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Working Group Homeland Security
  NCR State Administrative Agent (SAA) Homeland Security
RESF 1 Transportation Homeland Security
RESF 14 Long-Term Community Recovery Homeland Security
NCR Operations Center Coordination Group Public Safety
RICCS User Training Public Safety
Snow/Winter Weather Briefings Committee Public Safety
Housing & Planning
Region Forward Coalition
  Economic Competitiveness Indicators Work Group
  Performance Analysis Team
Homeless Services Committee Housing
Housing Directors Advisory Committee Housing
Child Welfare Directors Committee Human Services
Foster Care Committee Human Services
Cooperative Forecasting and Data Subcommittee Planning
Metropolitan Development Policy Committee Archive Planning
Planning Directors Technical Advisory Committee Planning
Human Resources
Personnel Officers Technical Committee (POTC)
Management, Operations and Intelligent Transportation Systems Technical Subcommittee
  Metropolitan Area Transportation Operations Coordination (MATOC) Program Steering Committee
  Regional Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Architecture Subcommittee
  Traffic Signals Subcommittee
  Traveler Information Subcommittee
  Vehicle Probe Data Users Group
Transportation Planning Board
  Bus On Shoulder Task Force
  TIGER Regional Priority Bus Project
  TPB Access for All Advisory Committee
  TPB Citizen Advisory Committee
  TPB Human Service Transportation Coordination Task Force
  TPB Long Range Plan Task Force
  TPB Private Providers Task Force
  TPB Regional Taxicab Regulators Task Force
  TPB Scenario Study Task Force
  TPB Steering Committee
  TPB Task Force on Value Pricing for Transportation
Transportation Planning Board Technical Committee
  Aviation Technical Subcommittee
  Bicycle and Pedestrian Subcommittee
  Regional Public Transportation Subcommittee
  TPB Freight Subcommittee
  TPB State Technical Working Group
  Transportation Safety Subcommittee
  Travel Forecasting Subcommittee
  Travel Management Subcommittee
WMATA Priority Corridors Evaluation TAC
Commuter Connections Subcommittee Commuter Connections
  Bike To Work Day Steering Committee Commuter Connections
  Car Free Day Steering Committee Commuter Connections
  Commuter Connections Ridematching Committee Commuter Connections
  Commuter Connections SafeTrack Work Group Commuter Connections
  Employer Outreach Committee Commuter Connections
  Regional TDM Marketing Group Commuter Connections
  TDM Evaluation Group Commuter Connections

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