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October 22, 2018
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TPB Freight Subcommittee - Description

Chair:  Eulois Cleckley, District Department of Transportation, Manager of Statewide and Reginal Planning/Freight Programs

Staff Contact: Jon Schermann - (202) 962-3317

With a population of more than four million residents, the COG/TPB National Capital Region consumes and produces a wide variety of goods.  These goods are delivered by several modes of transportation including:  truck, rail, air, water, and pipeline.  Often freight travels by multiple modes on its journey from origin to the consumer.  Smooth and efficient goods movement is vital to maintaining a strong regional economy. 


The COG/TPB Freight Planning Program components include a Freight Subcommittee, participation in regional and national level freight groups to better understand freight stakeholders perspectives, and freight stakeholder outreach. 


An initial study Enhancing the Consideration of Freight in Regional Transportation Planning was completed in May 2007.  In July 2010, the TPB approved the region's first National Capital Region Freight Plan.  In April 2011, the TPB held its first Regional Freight Forum with over 80 freight stakeholder attendees.


The TPB Freight Subcommittee kick-off meeting was held on April 24th, 2008.  Freight meetings are held bi-monthly either at COG or an alternative location or tour site.  The Freight Subcommittee's mission is to integrate current freight issues into the National Capital Region's transportation planning process (The short-range Transportation Improvement Program and the Constrained Long-Range Transportation Plan).  The Freight Subcommittee also aims to raise awareness of freight issues among local elected officials and the general public.


The Freight Subcommittee has identified the following objectives:

-To Provide a Voice for Freight in Transportation Planning

-To Recognize Freight's Role in Economic Development

-To Recognize Freight's Integrated Role in the Multimodal System

-To Coordinate Transportation and Land Use

-To Recognize How Freight can Reduce Air Quality Impacts



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