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August 24, 2019
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Staff List

Department of Community Planning and Services (CPS)

Surina Amin
Child Welfare Program Manager
Phone: 202-962-3264

Hilary Chapman
Housing Program Manager
Phone: 202-962-3346

Paul Desjardin
Phone: 202-962-3293

Greg Goodwin
Senior Regional Planner
Phone: 202-962-3274

John Kent
Regional Planner
Phone: 202-962-3276

Ashley Peay
Child Welfare Program Coordinator
Phone: 202-962-3263

Department of Environmental Programs (DEP)

Karl Berger
Principal Environmental Planner
Phone: 202-962-3350

Steven Bieber
Chief, Urban Watershed Progs and Homeland Security
Phone: 202-962-3219

Leah Boggs
Environmental Planner IV
Phone: 202-962-3336

Heidi Bonnaffon
Environmental Planner IV
Phone: 202-962-3216

Amanda Campbell
Environmental Planner II
Phone: 202-962-3324

Maia Davis
Environmental Planner IV
Phone: 202-962-3227

John Deignan
Research Assistant I
Phone: 202-962-3318

Jennifer Desimone
Principal Environmental Planner
Phone: 202-962-3200

Matthew Gallagher
Environmental Planner II
Phone: 202-962-3374

Christine Howard
Environmental Analyst/Programmer
Phone: 202-962-3366

Mukhtar Ibrahim
Environmental Engineer II
Phone: 202-962-3364

Jeffrey King
Principal Environmental Planner
Phone: 202-962-3238

Michelle Kokolis
Phone: 202-962-3284

Lorena Kowalewski
Research Assistant I
Phone: 202-962-3352

Sunil Kumar
Principal Environmental Engineer
Phone: 202-962-3244

Brian LeCouteur
Principal Environmental Planner
Phone: 202-962-3393

Wyetha Lipford
Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 202-962-3239

Aubin Maynard
Environmental Planner III
Phone: 202-962-3233

Ameen Nasser
Environmental Planner
Phone: 202-962-3200

Lisa Ragain
Principal Water Resource Planner
Phone: 202-962-3357

Lana Sindler
Environmental Engineer II
Phone: 202-962-3347

John Snarr
Principal Planner/Technical Manager
Phone: 202-962-3359

Tanya Spano
Chief, Regional Water Quality Management
Phone: 202-962-3776

Phong Trieu
Principal Environmental Planner
Phone: 202-962-3291

Madison Wagner
Research Assistant I
Phone: 202-962-3200

Stephen Walz
Phone: 202-962-3205

Aaron Waters
Environmental Planner
Phone: 202-962-3774

Department of Public Safety and Health (PSH)

Dennis Bailey
Public Safety Planner II
Phone: 202-962-3269

Rita Greene
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 202-962-3272

Stephanie Hood
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 202-962-3343

Dave McMillion
Phone: 202-962-3708

Jennifer Schitter
Principal Health Planner
Phone: 202-962-3266

Department of Transportation Planning (DTP)

Andrew Austin
Transportation Planner IV

William Bacon
Transportation Engineer III
Phone: 202-962-3235

Barbara Brennan
Senior Budget Analyst
Phone: 202-962-3339

Brandon Brown
Administrative Assistant II
Phone: 202-962-3327

Andrew Burke
Transportation Engineer III
Phone: 202-962-3778

Fe Carino
Commuter Operations Assistant II
Phone: 202-962-3309

Anant Choudhary
Transportation Engineer III
Phone: 202-962-3354

Lamont Cobb
Transportation Planner II
Phone: 202-962-3234

Joseph Davis
Transportation Engineer IV
Phone: 202-962-3337

Jose Diaz Herrera
Commuter Operations Assistant II
Phone: 202-962-3351

Ross Edgar
Sr. TDM Geographic Information Systems Analyst
Phone: 202-962-3285

Deborah Etheridge
Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 202-962-3311

Michael Farrell
Senior Transportation Planner
Phone: 202-962-3760

Stephen Finafrock
Commuter Program Specialist III
Phone: 202-962-3385

Douglas Franklin
TDM Marketing Specialist IV
Phone: 202-962-3792

Brandon Franklin
Commuter Program Specialist II.
Phone: 202-962-3330

Yu Gao
Transportation Engineer II
Phone: 202-962-3255

Robert Griffiths
Director, Technical Services
Phone: 202-962-3280

Wanda Hamlin
Senior Transportation Engineer
Phone: 202-962-3217

Benjamin Hampton
Transportation Planner III
Phone: 202-962-3275

Bryan Hayes
Transportation Planner II
Phone: 202-962-3273

Mark Hersey
Transportation Demand Mgmt. Specialist II
Phone: 202-962-3383

Charlene Howard
Principal GIS Analyst
Phone: (202) 962-3384

Hamid Humeida
Principal Transportation Engineer
Phone: 202-962-3325

Travis Johnston
Transportation Programs Operation Manager
Phone: 202-962-3287

Martha Kile
Principal Analyst - GIS
Phone: 202-962-3294

Wendy Klancher
PrincipalTransportation Planner
Phone: 202-962-3321

Debbie Leigh
Administrative Assistant III
Phone: 202-962-3315

Nicole McCall
Transportation Planner III
Phone: 202-962-3341

Andrew Meese
Chief, Systems Management Planning Director
Phone: 202-962-3789

Ronald Milone
Chief, Travel Forecasting Program Director
Phone: 202-962-3283

Jessica Mirr
GIS Analyst
Phone: 202-962-3242

Abdul Mohammed
Senior Transportation Engineer
Phone: 202-962-3370

Mark Moran
Principal Transportation Engineer
Phone: 202-962-3392

Erin Morrow
Transportation Planner III
Phone: 202-962-3793

Dzung Ngo
Transportation Engineer II
Phone: 202-962-3231

Steven Osborn
Commuter Operations Assistant II
Phone: 202-962-3323

Jinchul Park
Senior Transportation Engineer
Phone: 202-962-3320

Jane Posey
Senior Transportation Engineer
Phone: 202-962-3331

Wenjing Pu
Transportation Engineer IV
Phone: 202-962-3761

Nicholas Ramfos
Director, Alternative Commute Programs
Phone: 202-962-3313

Eric Randall
Principal Transportation Engineer
Phone: 202-962-3254

Sergo Ritacco
Transportation Planner II
Phone: 202-962-3232

Richard Roisman
Manager, Planning Data Programs
Phone: 202-962-3265

Jon Schermann
Transportation Planner III
Phone: 202-962-3317

Meseret Seifu
Senior Transportation Engineer
Phone: 202-962-3372

Daivamani Sivasailam
Principal Transportation Engineer
Phone: 202-962-3226

Daniel Son
Transportation Engineer II
Phone: 202-962-3211

Kanti Srikanth
Phone: 202-962-3257

John Swanson
Manager, Plan Development and Support
Phone: 202-962-3295

Marco A. Trigueros
Transportation Planner III
Phone: 202-962-3329

Dusan Vuksan
SeniorTransportation Engineer
Phone: 202-962-3279

Lynn Winchell-Mendy
Transportation Planner III
Phone: 202-962-3253

Feng Xie
Transportation Engineer II
Phone: 202-962-3259

Jim Yin
Senior Transportation Engineer
Phone: 202-962-3361

Lori Zeller
Transportation Planner
Phone: 202-962-3290

Abigail Zenner
Transportation Planner/Communications Specialist
Phone: 202-962-3237

Patrick Zilliacus
Principal Transportation Engineer
Phone: 202-962-3292

Executive Office (EO)

Chuck Bean
Executive Director
Phone: 202-962-3260

Monica Beyrouti
Member Services Associate/Clerk to the Board
Phone: 202-962-3212

Stuart Freudberg
Deputy Executive Director
Phone: 202-962-3340

Pat Warren
Executive Assistant
Phone: 202-962-3214

Legal Department

Sharon Pandak
General Counsel

Office of Accounting & Finance (OAF)

Robin Burroughs
Sr Accounts Payable Analyst
Phone: 202-962-3224

Rosita Chambus
Accounting Operations Manager
Phone: 202-962-3223

LaTonya Coleman
Senior Budget Analyst
Phone: 202-962-3225

Anna Douglas
Phone: 202-962-3334

Jalene Duressa
Contract and Procurement Analyst
Phone: 202-962-3241

Laura Feng
Payroll and Senior Staff Accountant
Phone: 202-962-3251

George Hohmann
Contracts and Procurement Manager
Phone: 202-962-3222

Rick Konrad
Cooperative Purchasing Program Manager
Phone: 202-962-3332

Carol Newton
Billing Specialist
Phone: 202-962-3221

Gwendolyn Schuler
Accounting Manager
Phone: 202-962-3739

Leta Simons
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 202-962-3362

Alieu Turay
Contract and Purchasing Analyst
Phone: 202-962-3243

Office of Communications

Laura Ambrosio
Public Affairs Specialist
Phone: 202-962-3278

Megan Goodman
Communications Specialist
Phone: 202-962-3209

Steve Kania
Communications Manager
Phone: (202)962-3249

Jeanne Saddler
Phone: 202-962-3250

Office of Human Resources Management (OHRM)

Janet Ernst
Human Resources Manager
Phone: 202-962-3228

Larissa Fitzhugh
HR Analyst II
Phone: 202-962-3258

Farai Nzuwah
Human Resources Analyst II
Phone: 202-962-3316

Imelda Roberts
Phone: 202-962-3240

Program Management Office

Scott Fisher
Chief, Capabilities Assessment
Phone: 202-962-3282

Timothy Schaible
Public Safety Planner III
Phone: 202-962-3261

The Office of Information Technology and Facility Management (ITFM)

George Danilovics
Chief of Information Technology & Facility Mmgt.
Phone: 202-962-3248

DiJuan Fishley
Network Systems Administrator
Phone: 202-962-3355

Lejune Goode
IT Technician
Phone: 202-962-3717

Tabatha Johnson
IT and Facilities Coordinator
Phone: 202-962-3252

Jose Lemus
Helpdesk Manager
Phone: 202-962-3770

Osta Nazir
Network Engineer
Phone: 202-962-3288

Brandon Wood
Network Administrator
Phone: 202-962-3765

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