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Climate Change

Recycling has been an established environmentally-conscious activity for decades. Now that global warming has become such a concern, it is sometimes easy to forget that recycling contributes to the reduction in greenhouse gasses.

The substantial energy savings from recycling mean that less non-renewable fuel is expended to produce new products. Also, trash sent to landfills eventually decomposes and produces methane gas. Methane is a much more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Landfills attempt to burn off this gas or capture it for fuel, but not all of it can be contained.

For example, an Office Building of 7,000 workers achieving 100 percent of plastic, paper and corrugated paper recycling can equate to a reduction of 1,200 metric tons of carbon equivalents (MTCE's). This is the equivalent to taking 952 cars off the road for one year or over 501,000 gallons of gas.