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Electronics Recycling

There are many options for reusing and recycling old electronics devices. Electronics may include computers, computer monitors, computer peripherals, televisions, VCRs, phones, cellphones, FAX machines, radios, stereos, and other devices.

What Can I Do?

  1. Best Buy stores accept most electronics..

  2. Check the Consumer Electronics Association Green Gadgets recycling page for links to various national programs.

  3. Goodwill locations in the metropolitan area accept any brand of computer equipment free of charge as part of the RECONNECT program with partner Dell. Goodwill resells working or usable units and a Dell contractor processes all remaining e-scrap. The program currently operates at 567 drop-off locations nationwide. Check the RECONNECT site for locations.

  4. Local Government Recycling Drop Off Programs and Events
    Several local governments offer periodic electronics recycling events or permanent drop off sites. In many situations, there is a small fee to cover the recycling of cathode ray tube computer monitors.

Other Useful Electronics Links