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Recycling at Work - Tough Situations

  1. What if your property manager does not provide recycling?
    Keep asking and see if any of the other businesses want to support your effort to work out a recycling plan with the property manager. Check to see if the manager is required to provide service by law. You can also contact some of the recyclers and arrange for separate pick up (you will have to pay for the service) or drop off materials to the recycler.

  2. What if you don't have enough room for a recycling bin?
    One option is to convert the trash basket at each employee's work station into a recycling container. Most of the waste generated by office workers is paper; very little of it is non-recyclable garbage (coffee cups, banana peels, gum wrappers, etc.) You can purchase small baskets for garbage that nest inside the large recycling container or hang on the outer rim. Another option is to purchase separate, mini-cans for garbage that sit on each employee's desk. Or be even more radical and have people bring their waste to a centralized garbage can.

  3. What if your janitorial firm tells you that they must increase their fees because they have to empty separate recycling containers in addition to the trash containers?
    Consider alternate-day pick-up or once-a-week collection for recyclables. Recycling containers do not have to be emptied every day. Paper that sits for several days will not smell, decompose or attract pests. Garbage containers could be emptied on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and recycling emptied on Tuesday and Thursday. Or, if there is a lot of garbage, continue to have those containers emptied each day and have recycling collected once per week.

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