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August 20, 2019
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Metropolitan Washington Joint Helicopter Advisory Group - Description

This committee is now defunct.  The information presented on this site is for historical puposes.

A Study Advisory Group (SAG) was formed to provide input, review critical working papers, and lend technical insights to the study process.  The SAG met periodically throughout the study process and included representatives from COG, the Maryland Aviation Administration, the FAA, the Virginia Department of Aviation, helicopter users and operators, and agencies with statewide/regional aviation, multi-modal transportation, environmental, and economic development responsibilities.

The first SAG meeting was held at the Council of Governments in October 2002.  The second SAG meeting was held at the new Maryland Department of Transportation Headquarters building in March 2003. 

Concerns regarding noise issues from military aircraft (both airplanes [fixed-wing] and helicopters [rotary wing]) may be directed to one of the contacts listed below. Concerned citizens should keep in mind that there are 13 different agencies that operate rotary wing aircraft in and around the National Capital Region. Periodically, noise forums are held at the request of an elected official, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), or a local military installation garrison commander (through the installationís Public Affairs Office). Noise complaints are forwarded to the Military District of Washington either from the FAA or from the garrisons.

The FAA is the agency with the authority to regulate and oversee all aspects of aviation in the U.S. Within the FAA, the Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) concentrates on the enforcement of regulations (to include noise abatement and complaints).

Any concerns within this region for helicopter/aviation noise should be directed to the Washington FSDO, at 13873 Park Center Road, Suite 475, Herndon, Virginia 20171, The phone number is (703) 230-7664.

If a local citizen does not feel that the FSDO was responsive enough to their inquiry, then they can contact the FAA's Aviation Noise Ombudsman.

The Noise Ombudsman can be reached at: Federal Aviation Administration, Aviation Noise Ombudsman, AEE-2, 800 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20591. Email: 9-AWA-NoiseOmbudsman@faa.gov Telephone: (202) 267-3521.

FAA: Who to Contact if Youíre Impacted by Airport Noise

U.S. Army Military District of Washington & The Joint Force Headquarters National Capital Region, Fort McNair.
Deputy Commander, Chief of Community Relations
(202) 685-4990

Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall
Director of Public Affairs
(703) 696-4979

Fort Belvoir
Director of Public Affairs
(703) 805-2583

Concerns regarding airport noise issues for commercial flights should be directed to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA). MWAA maintains an on-line tracking and reporting system, as well as a telephone number, for airport noise complaints for Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) and Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) .


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