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August 20, 2019
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Built Environment - Energy Advisory Committee (BE-EAC) - Description

The Built Environment and Energy Advisory Committee (BE-EAC) was established in 2013 and serves as a technical advisory committee to Climate, Energy and Environment Policy Committee (CEEPC) .  Membership includes local government energy managers, government staff supporting Green Building initiatives, as well as interested stakeholders.  The group serves as a forum for discussion and monitoring of energy and green building issues in the National Capital Region (NCR).  


The BE-EAC represents a merger of the Energy Advisory Committee (EAC) and the region's Intergovernmental Green Building Group (IGBG).  The groups merged in response to the increasing overlap between their core issues. As holistic green building practices have evolved to place a greater emphasis on energy, the energy community is focusing more attention on the built environment, energy efficiency, distributed generation, and energy security. 


The group also supports the Emergency Support Function (ESF) #12 lead under the National Response Framework.  The group is responsible for coordinating with state and local agencies and emergency response teams to maintain continuous and reliable energy supplies through preventive measures, restoration, and recovery actions. 

The committee will meet on the third Thursday of each month from 10am- noon (unless otherwise noted) .    here



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