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Bruce Williams, former Mayor of Takoma Park and Chair of the IRE Advisory Board, welcomes you to the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) Institute for Regional Excellence (IRE).

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Invitation from COG Executive Director

Dear Prospective Candidate: As you consider applying to the Institute for Regional Excellence (IRE), I encourage you to take a look at testimonials from some of the program's graduates. Take, for example, what one Fairfax County participant had to say about the coursework: "Actual training you can use." Or what an Arlington County manager wrote: "You definitely come out with a regional perspective."

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"The Institute for Regional Excellence exists to build a cadre or regional talents with a common set of skills, and a common set of knowledge and understanding built around regional challenges. Its goal is to be a learning forum for new ideas and uncommon ways of creatively addressing regional issues facing the Washington region."
Michael C. Rogers - Former COG Executive Director


New Training Program for Summer 2018!

COG will offer three training courses starting summer 2018 that fulfill several training needs of its member jurisdictions, as identified by the region’s human resources directors. These courses are open to all employees of COG member jurisdictions, partnering agencies, and other area nonprofits at a discounted rate.

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The IRE Program will return in 2019

Now on our 16th year, I am pleased to be a part of shaping COG's Regional Executive Development Program. COG is the only regional council in the nation that is accredited by the National Certified Public Manager's Consortium.
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