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August 24, 2019
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Officials Tour LEED certified building

When you walk into the building you can immediately feel the difference in the air. You cannot smell, feel, or taste it but the difference is undeniably there. The exterior of the building is definitely eye-catching and demands attention. The building is the National Association of Realtors located at 500 New Jersey Avenue, right here in Washington, DC. It is one of the first LEED-Silver certified buildings in the metropolitan Washington region.

On December 1, 2006 approximately 22 people participated in a tour at NAR. The tour was lead by Iris Admur, LEED AP, Green Shape; Joe Molinaro, NARís Director of Smart Growth Programs; and Hugh Morris, NARís Community Outreach Representative. Represented on the tour were local government energy and environmental planners. as well as four elected officials, Mayor Judith Davis, City of Greenbelt; Mayor Adam Ortiz, Edmonston, MD; Supervisor Penelope Gross, Fairfax County; and County Board Member Christopher Zimmerman, Arlington County.

Some of the LEED silver award features are:

  • Bicycle storage on the premise and access to showers;
  • All parking underground and use of trees and light colored pavement to reduce the urban heat island effect;
  • Uses low-flow faucets, lavatory motion sensors and waterless urinals resulting in 30% less water use than standard code-compliant fixtures;
  • Captures rain water in a 10,000-gallon tank for reuse in landscape irrigation;
  • Uses wind power to supply 50% of the buildings energy consumption;
  • Uses locally and regionally produced building materials for over 80% of the building materials;
  • Has a carbon dioxide monitoring system that introduces fresh air when there is an increase in occupancy levels;
  • Permanent entryway systems to capture dirt and particulates; Uses low-emitting, low VOC paints, and carpets;
  • Uses high efficient HVAC systems and a high-performance glass curtain wall resulting in a 30% reduction in energy use compared to ASHRAE code standards.

    NAR occupies five floors of the 12-story building, using only 40,000 square feet out of 133,000 total square footage. The balance of the space is rented with the assurance of Green Tenant Improvement Guidelines that require sustainable design throughout the rented space. NAR provides regular tours of the facility.

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    Release Date: Dec 12, 2006

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