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September 17, 2019
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Latest Episodes of “The COG Podcast” Feature Discussions on Housing, Stimulus

Washington, D.C. – Did you know that one recycled soda can is able to power a television for three hours? Or that the health benefits of replacing all of the faulty windows in this country alone would equal approximately $67 billion? You would if you listened to most recent episodes of The COG Podcast, the official podcast of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG).


The latest episodes of The COG Podcast feature discussions on the green and affordable housing, homelessness, and workplace recycling – three key areas of interest for the metropolitan Washington area, especially in light of the current economic climate. Please feel free to distribute this press release as well as the link to The COG Podcast to your members. For instructions on how to listen and/or subscribe to the podcast series, please see below.


Recent Episodes of ‘The COG Podcast’:


Researchers Discuss the Metropolitan Washington Region's Approach to the Stimulus. At the COG Board of Directors' meeting on March 11, Amy Liu, Deputy Director of Greater Washington Research at Brookings, and Margery Turner, Director of Research at The Urban Institute, discussed ways in which the metropolitan Washington region can maximize the value of federal stimulus funds. (3/16/09)

COG Board Chairman's Address: Green Affordable Housing Forum. COG Board Chairman Penny Gross speaks about the Green Affordable Housing Forum, an event co-sponsored by COG that focused on how local governments, nonprofits, and individuals in the metropolitan Washington area can work together to help solve two major problems facing the region - the need to build green in light of global climate change, and the area's lack of affordable housing. (3/12/09)


The Enumeration: An Annual Survey of the Region's Homeless Population. Michael Ferrell, Executive Director of the D.C. Coalition for the Homeless and Chair of COG’s Homeless Services Committee discusses the annual enumeration of the region’s homeless population and the impact of the current economic situation on the homeless. (2/19/09)


Go Recycle: Workplace Recycling. Alan Pultyniewicz, Recycling Coordinator for Montgomery County, discusses the Go Recycle Campaign organized by the COG Recycling Committee. Pultyniewicz explains why workplace recycling is important to the region and how citizens can initiate an effort at their workplace. (1/15/09)


  • Download: MP3 Version 6:07

How to listen and/or subscribe to The COG Podcast:


There are two options for listening to the podcasts. One option is to visit The COG Podcast Web site and download individual episodes. A second option is subscribing to the series. To subscribe, visit The COG Podcast Web site and then click on the link to “Subscribe to The COG Podcast.” Visitors will then be directed to the Podcast’s “feed” where they can subscribe to the feed, automatically receiving new episodes when they are uploaded.



COG is the association of 21 local governments working together for a better metropolitan region.






Release Date: Mar 12, 2009
Contact: Lewis Miller
Phone: 202-962-3209

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