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September 23, 2019
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Recruitment Policy

The Office of Human Resources Management is responsible for providing recruitment and staffing services to all departments including recruitment of full and part-time positions, temporary and seasonal workers. If you or someone you know is interested in applying for a position with COG, or if you are a current COG employee seeking a transfer or promotional opportunities, below are some information you need to know.


Recruitment of Staff From Within COG

Recruitment authorization forms announcing all vacancies are posted in each department for a period of five working days before outside recruitment may begin. Any COG employee who has not applied by the end of five working days will no longer receive special consideration afforded to internal applicants. As appropriate, the requirements of this paragraph may be waived by the Executive Director.

During that five-day period preference shall be given to qualified regular and limited tenure COG employees who apply for vacant positions.

The following policy applies in connection with COG employees who are applicants:

  • The promotion of existing employees who have increased their skill and job potential and who qualify shall be encouraged.
  • Interdepartmental recruitment of qualified COG employees shall be encouraged.
  • No employee shall be intimidated or discouraged from applying for a vacant position.
  • COG employees who apply for vacant positions are not required to notify their supervisors. However, if such an employee should become a finalist for the position [upon the recommendation of the appropriate department head], his/her supervisor will be notified of the application process for, among other things, a recommendation.
  • Education, past work experience, and experience gained at COG are criteria that should be considered in recruiting applicants.

In-house Application Procedure:

  • COG employees are encouraged to apply for open positions by completing COG Form 35. Please submit this short application application to OHRM within five days of the posting of the recruitment authorization form and will become a part of the recruitment file for the vacant position.
  • All qualified COG employees who apply for vacant positions in a timely fashion shall be provided with an opportunity for an interview.
  • Applicants shall be notified of a decision after recruitment procedures have been completed.

Recruitment of Persons From Outside COG

Recruitment of persons outside of COG for all vacancies may begin after the recruitment authorization has been posted for five working days. All qualified internal candidates must first be interviewed and no final selection shall be made until the sixth working day after the recruitment authorization is posted. As appropriate, the requirements of this paragraph may be waived by the Executive Director.

Vacancy announcements may be distributed outside of COG and advertisements placed in area newspapers coincident with the internal posting of a vacancy announcement. All applications and resumes received will be held in OHRM until the recruitment authorization has been posted for five working days, and until a determination has been made that no internal applicant is fully qualified for appointment.

Selections to fill vacant positions shall be made of the best qualified persons in terms of experience, skills, training, education and aptitude. Employment opportunities shall be made available on an equal opportunity basis to qualified persons without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual preference, national origin, political affiliation, disabilities, age, personal appearance, family responsibilities, matriculation or marital status.

Educational requirements for a particular job are important, and shall be given priority when interviewing applicants. Consideration also will be given to, but not limited to, an applicant's work experience, skills and demonstrated expertise in his/her field.

External Application Procedure:

Applications shall be made by submission of a cover letter and comprehensive resume that provides detailed information related to an applicant's work and educational experience. An online application may be submitted through the Web site or an application may also be made by completing COG's Personal Qualifications Statement Form.

Skills tests which are required for certain positions shall be given to all applicants for the position. All examinations shall be uniformly administered by OHRM.

An official transcript will be required in support of an application for any positions at COG in which a Bachelor's or higher degree is required.

No verbal promises of future salary increases, higher level positions or promotions shall be made by COG employees as an inducement to prospective employees to accept employment within COG. Any such promises shall not be honored by the Council of Governments unless included as part of the official letter offering employment signed by the Executive Director.

The Executive Director or the Director, OHRM may reject any application which indicates that the applicant does not possess one or more of the requirements essential for that position being advertised. Applications may also be rejected if the applicant is known to be a current user of illegal drugs; has a record of conviction of crime related to the responsibilities of the position or that might directly impact on the position for which the applicant has applied; has made false statements of any material fact in his/her application or resume; or has a past employment record which is unsatisfactory as determined by the Director, OHRM.

For regular positions, submit salary history along with a recent resume, and a cover letter indicating the specific position for which you are applying with the corresponding job code number to:

Office of Human Resource Management
Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
777 North Capitol Street, N.E., Suite 300
Washington, D.C. 20002-4239

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