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September 23, 2019
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Employee Relations

The present strength and future growth of COG depends directly upon the contribution made by every employee of the organization. Good employee relations are essential to high productivity and efficiency as well as individual job growth and satisfaction.

It is COG's policy to be frank, fair and honest with all personnel and to respect their rights as employees. Employees are expected to help achieve mutual respect in all working relationships. It is inherent in our policy that supervisors do all in their power to establish and maintain good working relationships. To work together successfully, each employee and each supervisor must realize that harmonious relationships are not a matter of rules and regulations, but are the out-growth of daily communications and mutual respect for those with whom we work.

In support of COG's employee-management relations efforts, the Office of Human Resources Management (OHRM) administers and coordinates a number of programs and services.

  • Awards and Incentives Program
  • Employee Relations Program
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Program
  • Employee Communication - COGNIZANT Staff Newsletter, a joint effort by the Office of Human Resources Management and Office of Public Affairs.

In partnership with staff, OHRM works closely with the following committees.


The EEOC is made up of diverse groups of employees appointed by COG's Executive Director.  This committee is composed of five members including the chairperson.  The committee meets regularly, preferably once a month.   The EEOC evaluates from time to time the sufficiency of the composition of the total agency and recommend any improvements or corrections, including remedial or disciplinary action with respect to managerial or supervisory employees who have failed in their Equal Employment Opportunity responsibilities.

The EEOC has two primary responsibilities:

  1. The investigation and resolution of discrimination complaints in the organization and
  2. Assisting OHRM in the development and monitoring of COG's cultural diversity programs

EEOC's specific activities include the following:

  • Transmittal of information to all employees in the organization concerning Equal Employment Opportunity;
  • Assisting the OHRM in the development of orientation program that includes EEOC outreach to new employees;
  • Assisting OHRM in recruiting activities through identification of contacts and resources not included in the OHRM's existing resources and attending or identifying other employees to attend job fairs;
  • Making recommendations concerning job restructuring and establishment of entry level and trainee positions to OPS to facilitate movement among occupational areas; and
  • Reviewing COG's Affirmative Action Plan.

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