Post-Award Information

The 2017 Solicitation ended on November 3, 2017.
The next solicitation is anticipated for August 2019

The Selection Committee will meet in November and December 2017 to recommend projects for funding. The Transportation Planning Board (TPB) will be asked to approve recommended projects at its January or February 2018 meeting. TPB staff will then notify agencies in writing that their projects have been selected for funding and awardees will have approximately 30 days from the date of the written award notification to complete and submit the required Federal Transit Administration (FTA) documents, such as the Certifications and Assurances and Title VI assurances.

FTA must approve the grant projects before the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG) can enter into a grant agreement with the applicant. FTA approval can take four to eight months.  Following FTA approval and the signing of the sub-grant agreement between MWCOG and the recipient, projects can begin, perhaps in March 2019.

This Federal program reimburses grantees for pre-approved budget items: grantees must submit monthly invoices documenting what was spent on the approved budget and will be reimbursed generally within 30 days of submitting an invoice. 

In addition to monthly DBE reports and invoices, quarterly progress and if applicable, quarterly vehicle use and conditions reports are required. Reimbursement is contingent upon complete and timely submission of invoices and reports. Grantees will also be required to submit annual performance measures reports. A reporting schedule will be provided to all grantees with the award notification letter. Final grant reports should include project evaluations and provisions for ongoing funding and operation of the program or service.