Project Selection Criteria

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1. Coordination Among Agencies (25 points)
Applications that include coordination of services with other organizations will score up to 25 points.

2. Responsiveness to TPB's Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan (20 points)
This criterion hs two parts: 1) "Priority projects" will receive up to 12 points; and 2) Applications that address multiple-strategies will score up to 8 points.

3. Institutional Capacity to Manage and Administer an FTA Grant (20 points)
This creterion considers agency capacity, financial stability and, if applicable, past grant performance.

4. Project Feasibility (15 points)
Are the proposed activities practical and achievable within the 2-year timeframe? Is the work plan clear and concise?

5. Regional Need (10 points)
Applications that include service or programs in more than one County or City will score higher than projects that serve a single jurisdiction.

6. Customer Focus (10 points)
To what extent does the applicant’s proposal demonstrate a strong awareness of the needs of the individuals for whom the project is intended? 

Total Maximum Points: 100