Useful Tips to Save Gas this Summer on your Vacation Travels

Round Trip Savings

Before Hitting the Road...

Get the junk out of your trunk
Save: $.04–$.08/gallon
An extra 100 pounds reduces gas mileage by up to 2%.

Fully inflate your tires
Save: $.11/gallon
Experts estimate a quarter of all vehicles run on underinflated tires.

Change your oil
Save: $.04–$.08/gallon
Using manufacturer recommended grade of motor oil improves fuel economy by 1–2%.

Tighten your fuel cap
Save: 30 gallons/year.
One of the easiest possible ways to keep gas in your tank.

On The Road...

Slow down and save
Save: $14 by driving 60 MPH instead of 70 MPH
Each 5 MPH you drive over 60 MPH is like paying an additional $0.24 per gallon.

Avoid aggressive driving
Save:  $1.25/gallon
Speeding, rapid acceleration and hard braking can reduce gas mileage by 33% at highway speeds.

Use cruise control
Save: $.54/gallon
This helps maintain a constant speed and improves fuel economy up to 7%.

*Numbers based on 700-mile trip; 24 MPG vehicle mileage; $3.79/gallon gas price; and E.P.A. estimated savings.