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January 22, 2019
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Regional Transportation Priorities Plan (RTPP)
for the National Capital Region

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The Regional Transportation Priorities Plan aims to identify strategies with the greatest potential to respond to our most significant transportation challenges. It also aims to identify those strategies that are "within reach" both financially and politically--recognizing the need for pragmatism in an era of limited financial resources and a lack of political will to raise signficant amounts of new revneue.

Plan Development

Development of the Priorities Plan began in July 2011, when the TPB approved a scope of work that acknowledged the importance of public support for the Priorities Plan and called for extensive public outreach in the process.

In developing the plan, the TPB has conducted listening sessions with key stakeholder groups and engaged citizens, held a citizens forum in June 2012, and carried out a public opinion survey in spring 2013 to refine the challenges and strategies in the plan and to identify the key priorities for moving the region closer to achieving its goals.

The TPB has also released three public drafts of the Regional Transportation Priorities Plan for public comment as part of the plan development process.

Approval of the Regional Transportation Priorities Plan

On January 15, 2014, the TPB unanimously approved the Regional Transportation Priorities Plan:

Additional Resource Materials

Staff Contact

For more information on the Regional Transportation Priorities Plan process, please contact:

John Swanson - (202) 962-3295

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